The Mission
Hosanna Church is a unique Church located in the heart of Central America. As one of the largest evangelical Churches in Nicaragua and all of Central America, the Church yields influence that stretches throughout the region.  With a building that can seat almost 3,000 people and running several services per weekend, God is definitely leading this Church to be salt and light.  As part of this, the Church desperately needed technical support to help them get the message out.  God laid it on Tony Yarbrough's heart to help the ministry.  Soon, others at Memphis Audio caught the vision.  In addition to a new sound, video projection and lighting system, Memphis Audio also helped to provide cameras and video editing equipment necessary for Hosanna to shoot and edit their weekly Worship Services in house. In the past, Pastor David Spencer would have had to travel to a local TV station to tape the broadcast, but they now posses the tools to not only proclaim the Word from the pulpit, but across Nicaragua and Central America.

Other Missions Involvement

                    Impacto Church Tegucigalpa, Honduras

                          Sound,Video Projection and Lighting System

                    Christian Youth Movement Tegucigalpa, Honduras

                          Sound and Video Projection System